Boning Room Equipment

Meat processing equipment: boning room

We design and build all meat processing equipment and machinery for the meat industry. Our innovative machines, such as the French Rack Machine, are now used all over the world. We also develop unique designs and customised solutions for our clients.

All our meat processing equipment is designed to increase efficiency in the boning room, with ease of operation, cleaning and maintenance. All meat processing equipment comes with 24/7 backup, a comprehensive warranty and ongoing support.


Hand washing machine: Optical vertical hand wash and steriliser. Designed for fast, efficient cleaning, our hand washing machine allows workers to cle

Industrial boot cleaner: Auto boot wash. Built for fast, efficient operation, our industrial boot cleaner helps you maintain hygiene standards without

meat tuber

Meat processing machine: Meat Tuber. This meat processing machine inserts meat into 95mm plastic tubes. The unit comes mounted on a base or on a table

Abattoir equipment: stainless steel loppers

Abattoir equipment: Stainless Steel Loppers. Wassco builds abattoir equipment focused on heavy duty cutting and durability. With all stainless steel c

Horizontal French Rack Machine

French Rack Machine: HFR1 Horizontal. The Wassco French Rack Machine is now used in the meat industry all over the world. Using high pressure water, i


Meat hooks and rails: Chiller Rail Outs. Wassco meat hooks and rails are custom built to suit your requirements from one chiller rail out to many. We

French Rack Machine: WFR3 Vertical. The Wassco Vertical French Racking Machine Model WFR3 is a semi automatic machine to hygienically strip soft mater

Everything we make or build comes with 24/7 backup, a comprehensive warranty and ongoing support.