Precision engineering for the meat industry

Wassco Engineering began as company doing general engineering and maintenance work. Our reputation for precision engineering and finding unique, efficient solutions for clients has seen our machines used all over the world.

When Gary Neal joined the company, Wassco began to develop product lines using a higher level of technology. We were approached to build a French racking machine, as competitive machines used lots of water and power, and were difficult to operate and clean. Our focus on finding innovative ways to make better machines allowed us to develop an easy to clean, easy to operate, environmentally friendly model.

Ongoing research and development has refined the water Frencher to the point it uses approximately one quarter of the water and one sixth of the power in comparison to other machines without any loss of efficiency or performance.

This is the reason clients come to us from all over the world to get increased efficiency in production without compromising quality.

Our facilities include:

  • A comprehensive machine shop
  • A sheet metal shop
  • Multi-format welding processes
  • A dedicated non-ferrous glass bead blasting facility

Please contact us if you have an enquiry.