All our boning room equipment increases efficiency & productivity in the boning room, allowing you to process meat faster, to a higher standard with fewer people. All our units focus on ease of operation, cleaning & safety...


Our slaughtering equipment is designed to support fast, efficient operations, focusing on ease of use, reliability and safety for workers. Key features include lower water and power consumption, water containment and easy maintenance...


With the exacting MAF hygiene & sterilisation standards for the meat industry, we have designed and built three pieces of support equipment to allow fast, efficient cleaning and sterilisation for workers & their tools...


Our Custom engineering 24/7 support services includes a comprehensive warranty, ongoing support and 24/7 backup for every machine we build to ensure your business operates at peak efficiency...

Stainless steel fabrication and innovative engineering solutions

Wassco is one of New Zealand’s most innovative engineering companies for stainless steel fabrication and engineering solutions for the meat industry. We have a global reputation for originality in design, invention and experience.

This is the reason clients come to us for all over the world to design and build machines that increase their efficiency and productivity without compromising quality. We offer a confidential consultancy service and specialise in unique designs to solve specific problems.

Key features of Wassco machines and units:

  • Made from quality materials and built to last
  • Designed to have fewer people handling complex tasks
  • Improved health and safety in the workplace
  • Water containment
  • Less water and power use
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly

Industry Solutions

Wassco Engineering has provided the meat and food industry with innovative stainless steel fabrication services and engineering solutions for many decades. Our famous French rack machine is now used all over the world


Everything we make or build comes with 24/7 backup, a comprehensive warranty and ongoing support to help your business operate at peak performance. Our products have key features to promote efficiency and productivity…